Apply for Bertha Gold Jewish Seniors Residence

To apply for Bertha Gold Jewish Seniors Residence, download and print off both the Accommodation form and the Medical Report form. Both must be filled out completely and submitted to us via fax, email, or mail.

403.255.8033 403.253.8094 1603 - 90th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2V 4V7.

*Ensure that the Medical Report has been filled out and signed by your physician.

All personal information is collected under the authority of the Alberta Housing Act and Alberta Regulation 244/94 (Social Housing Accommodation Regulation) and is protected by the privacy provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information will be used to evaluate the need and eligibility for subsidized senior citizen housing, as applicants are assessed on a priority rating system in terms of risk factors, independence and current housing.